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1. The Forum has pleasure in announcing the 57th All- India Essay Competition for College Students (2013-14), sponsored     by Jyoti Limited, Vadodara, with the object of encouraging the youth to think and write on economic issues.The subject:     "ENVIRONMENT & ECONOMIC PROGRESS".

2. Eligibility for participation: Only full-time college students (graduate, postgraduate, full-time management and IIT     students) are eligible to participate.

3. The participants are expected to reflect on the issues raised in the scope of the essay given on the reverse. The rules     of the Competition are :

  • The length of the essay should not exceed 2,000 words. The number of words used should be indicated on the last page of the entry.

  • The entry, duly typed or computer-printed (preferably 12 point-font) in double space on one side of the paper, with a minimum of one-inch margin on all sides on A/4 or foolscap size white paper, should be sent in triplicate.

  • The student's name, course of study, residential and college addresses and e-mail ID should be given on the right hand top corner of the first page of the entry and it should carry the student's signature on the last page and the initials on all other pages.

  • A student can send only one entry. There is no participaiton fee. The entry sent directly by the student should be accompanied by a bonafide certificate or it can be sent through his/her college. The entry becomes the property of the Forum.

  • THE 57th ALL-INDIA ESSAY COMPETITION FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS The entry (IN TRIPLICATE) should be sent to the address given below by registered post or couriered before October 31, 2013.

    The Director-General (57th All-India Essay Competition)
    Forum of Free Enterprise, Peninsula House, 2nd Floor,
    235, Dr. D.N. Road, Mumbai 400001.

  • The envelope bearing the postal cancellation mark of up to October 31, 2013 will be accepted even if received in November. Queries, if any, can be made at (email: (telefax: 022- 22614253).

4. Panel of Judges: Mr. Rishi Aggarwal, Environmental Activist & Research Fellow, Observer Research Foundation, Mumbai;     Ms. Saumya Lashkari, Head, Good & Green, Godrej Industries Ltd.; Dr. Siddhartha Roy, Economic Advisor, Tata Group.

    The panel's decision will be final and binding in all matters, including as to  how many and which prizes are to be given.     No correspondence whatsoever will be entertained in this regard. The results are expected to be announced before the     end of March 2014.

5. Prizes will be awarded to the best entries. First Prize Rs. 8,000; Second Rs. 6,000; Third Rs. 4,000; Fourth Rs. 2,000 and     up to four Consolation Prizes of Rs. 1,000 each.

S. Divakara
    Mumbai, August 10, 2013. Director–General

Environment and Economic Progress

Man’s engagement with environment goes back to many a millennium. In early times of civilisation, there were never any concerns, worries and anxieties about the scarcity of natural resources and their excessive exploitation. But over the last couple of centuries the entire scenario has been transformed. Man’s ever lasting wants, desires, adventures and exploration in the pursuit of economic prosperity has unleashed huge challenges of sustaining environmental balance of this planet earth. Will the world be able to sustain economic growth indefinitely without running into resource constraints or despoiling the environment beyond repair?

Maintaining harmonious balance between environment and economic progress has become a global challenge – cutting across all the national boundaries. IN the recent decades, several initiatives have been taken by the global community not only to create awareness and broad-based consensus amongst the countries, but also to set out important goals to combat challenges of environmental degradation and climate change. While these efforts are commendable, so much more needs to be done. The progress in steering environmental goals by the international community are found wanting; and these, doubtless, need to accelerate at a faster pace than hitherto so as to prevent excessive exploitation of natural resources and mitigate global warming and recurring calamitous natural disasters.

In this broader context, India can certainly not remain a silent spectator. For us there are multiple economic challenges as well – removing poverty, expanding employment opportunities, building up huge infrastructure, ensuring balanced regional development; and ultimately drive towards raising the standards of living of the people, which are comparable with those of the advanced countries of the world. And all these goals have to be secured in an inclusive and sustainable way over a reasonable time span. Persistent degradation of natural resources and deterioration of environmental norms can only be ignored at great peril.

What has been India’s record in managing a fine balance between economic progress and environmental balance? What is going to be the future scenario? What is the correlation between economic prosperity and environmental protection initiatives/ measures? Can there be any technology driven solutions to tackle such challenges ? What can be the contribution of the civil society ? What can be the role of international community to deal with challenges confronting emerging economies like India, which are striving to reconcile apparently conflicting ambitions of economic prosperity with environmental balance ? How adoption of environmental protection measures would help promoting strong environmental quality in the longer run ?

We expect the participants to reflect on these and similar related issues in their essays.


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