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The Forum is a non-political and non-partisan organization founded in 1956 by the late A.D. Shroff, eminent industrialist and economist, to educate public opinion in India on free enterprise and its close relationship with the democratic way of life. The Forum seeks to stimulate public thinking on vital economic issues of the day through its various activities.

While the main objective of the Forum is economic education of the public, particularly with regard to the role of private enterprise in economic development of India, it is also actively focussing on the youth with a view to developing them into good, responsible and well-informed citizens of tomorrow.


Booklets and public meetings on vital economic issues, elocution and essay competitions, good citizenship camps, etc. Generally, up to six booklets are published in a year, which are sent to all the Members and Student Associates.

Members and student associates in Mumbai can also attend the various public meetings and programmes arranged by the Forum from time to time in Mumbai. Similarly invitations are also sent to them for programmes held under the auspices of the A. D. Shroff Memorial Trust, N. A. Palkhivala Memorial Trust and M. R. Pai Foundation.


(a) Individuals, firms and companies can join as General Members - Entrance Fee Rs. 100/-, annual fee Rs. 250/-.

(b) Individuals can also join as Associate Members - Entrance Fee Rs.40/- , annual fee Rs. 150/-. (The only difference between General Members and Associate Members is, while the former can attend and vote at the AGMs, the latter can attend the AGMs but cannot vote)

(c) College and management students, students pursuing Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary and Banking courses may join as Student Associates - Annual Fee Rs. 50/- (no entrance fee.)

High School and Junior College Students are not eligible.

Membership/Student Associateship is for one year from the month of enrolment.



Date: ______________

Forum of Free Enterprise    
"Peninsula House", 2nd Floor
235, Dr. D. N. Road,
Mumbai 400 001

Dear Sir:

 Please enrol me/us as a:

        General Member - Entrance fee Rs.100 + Annual fee Rs.250 = Rs.350     

     Associate Member - Entrance fee Rs.40 + Annual fee Rs.150 = Rs.190

     Student Associate - Annual fee Rs.50

Payment is sent by Cheque / DD / M.O / Cash

(Please add Rs. 35 for outstation cheques. The membership/student associateship is for one year from the month of enrolment).

Name & Address (in BLOCK LETTERS):

Mr. / Ms. / Dr. / Prof. : _____________________________________________




To be completed by Student Associates only:

Name of the College : ________________________________________________

Course : __________________________________________________________


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