Lectures in Memory of Mr. A. D. Shroff

So far 91 Lectures by highly eminent persons in memory of Mr. A.D. Shroff have been arranged on important economic issues. The texts of the lectures (excepting a couple of them) have been printed and distributed free of cost. A list of the lectures are listed below.


List of lectures delivered in memory of the late A. D. Shroff since 1966

 Speaker  Subject
1. K. Santhanam Federal Financial Relations in India
2. H.V.R. Iengar, ICS (Retd) The Role of Central Banking Authority and Commercial Banks in a Economy
3. H.V.R. Iengar A Look at the Bombay Plan
4. Dr. P.S. Lokanathan The Changing Structure of Industrial Finance
5. Justice K. Subbarao Property Rights under The Constitution
6. Prof. C.N. Vakil Social And Economic Significance of Insurance in a Modern Economic Life
7. S.L. Kirloskar The Need for Economic Statesmanship
8. B.N. Adarkar Commercial Banks in India after Nationalization
9. Dr. C.D. Deshmukh Free but Fettered – The Illiterate Citizen
10. G.L. Mehta Industrial Finance in a Mixed Economy
11. Prof. M.S. Thacker The Application of Science & Technology in Socio-Economic Development
12. Prof. B.P. Adarkar Social Insurance in India
13. Dr. V.M. Dandekar Unemployment & Imbalances in the Country
14. R.K. Talwar Banker and the Corporate Customer
15. Prof. B.R. Shenoy India’s Food Problem
16. H.T. Parekh Indian Capital Market – Past, Present & Future
17. Justice M.C. Chagla The Role of Judiciary in Parliamentary Democracy
18. J.N. Saxena The Changing Profile of Indian Banking
19. Prof. V.V. John Education and India’s Poverty
20. James S. Raj A Policy Framework for Broadbasing the Capital Market
21. Air Marshal P.C. Lal The Public Sector - A Manager’s Report
22. G.V. Kapadia The Role of General Insurance After Nationalization
23. C.R. Irani Press Freedom & Human Rights
24. Dr. Hannan Ezekiel The Role of Indian Banks in International Banking
25. Capt. Dinshaw J. Dastur The Garland Canal Project
26. S.S. Mehta The Changing Focus of Industrial Finance
27. Prof. P.G. Mavalankar The Role of Intellectuals in Public Life
28. V.C. Vaidya New Horizons in the General Insurance Industry
29. Justice H.R. Khanna The Reform of Judiciary
30. R.C. Shah Internationalization of Indian Business
31. H.T. Parekh Regional Cooperation in South Asia
32. S.S. Nadkarni Industrial Finance – Some Trends & Some Issues
33. T. Thomas International Finance for Development - A Strategy for India
34. Era Sezhiyan The Role of Life Insurance in National Economy
35. A.N. Haksar Indian Enterprise – Discord & Harmony
36. N.N. Pai Commercial Banks in India – A Performance Review
37. M. Narasimham Bretton Woods - Forty Years On
38. G.S. Patel Stock Exchanges in India – Emerging Scenario And Challenges
39. Dr. Madhuri R. Shah Challenges to Higher Education in a Changing India
40. R.K. Daruwalla Nationalized Insurance – Policies And Strategies for the ‘90s
41. Dr. Raja J. Chelliah Reflections on Indian Political Economy & Development
42. N. Vaghul Quality Banking
43. R.D. Pradhan Political Executive & Higher Civil Services – Changing Relationship
44. Dr. S.A. Dave Mutual Funds and Offshore Funds in India
45. Dr. M.S. Swaminathan Designing & Implementing a National Charter for Nature
46. S.V. Mony General Insurance as a Financial Service in the
  Context of Liberalization
47. Abid Hussain A New Approach to Consumer Goods Industry
48. M. Narasimham Financial Sector Reforms: The Unfinished Agenda
49. M.S. Patwardhan Economic Development Deregulation - The Role of Industry
50. M.R. Mayya Reflections on the Changing Scenario of the Indian Stock Markets
51. Dr. A.S. Ganguly Life After Liberalization
52. R.N. Malhotra Liberalizing India’s Insurance Industry
53. B.G. Deshmukh Can Bureaucracy Meet the Challenge of Liberalization
54. Dr. A.C. Shah Finance Companies – Search for a Meaningful Role
55. Prof. Ashish Bose Population Planning in India: Pitfalls & New Challenges
56. Rashad Kaldany Trends in Industrial Finance
57. Dr. Fredie A. Mehta Is There A Middle Way?
58. N. Rangachary State of the Insurance Industry
59. S.L. Rao Population & Economic Liberalization
60. S.S. Tarapore India’s External Sector - Agenda for Reforms
61. Dr. Ashok V. Desai India Inc – Redesigning Public & Private Governance
62. Dr. R.H. Patil The Changing Scenario of Industrial Finance and Capital Market in the New Millennium
63. K.B. Dadiseth Corporate Governance in India
64. G.N. Bajpai The Challenges before the Insurance Industry in India
65. Dr. (Miss) A.S. Desai Higher Education at the Cross-Roads on The 20th & 21st Centuries
66. Dr. Y.V. Reddy Indian Banking in International Perspectives
67. Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, F.R.S. Twenty-first Century As India’s Century – The Dreams and The Reality
68. Uday Kotak Financing - The Changing Paradigm in India
69. Dr. J.J. Irani Excellence in Industry Through Leadership
70. Deepak M. Satwalekar Opening up of the Insurance Industry - Three years On
71. P.N.G. Subramanian I.F.S. (Retd.) Chinese Competition – Challenges and Opportunities
72. Naina Lal Kidwai The Changing Face of Indian Banking
73. Anu R. Aga Corporate Social Responsibility
74. Ishaat Hussain Fiscal Deficit: Does it Matter?
75. N.R. Narayana Murthy Population and Economic Development
76. C.S. Rao Indian Insurance Industry since 2000 – A Remarkable Journey
77. Dr. Rakesh Mohan Economic Reforms in India: Where are We and Where do We Go?
78. K.V. Kamath Indian Economy and The Financial Sector
79. Dr. Dipak C. Jain Innovation & Entrepreneurship in The Globalizing World
80. Keki M. Mistry Housing Finance in a Vibrant & Resilient Economy
81. R. Gopalakrishnan Prosperity Beyond our Cities by Spreading Enterprise
82. C.B. Bhave Regulation And Development – Conflict?
83. M. Damodaran Global Turmoil – Challenges for India?
84. Dr. Kaushik Basu Is India Ready for The Global Stage?
85. Nandan Nilekani Identity, Markets and Social Welfare
86. Arun Maira Shaping India’s Future: Democracy, Capitalism & Government
87. Dr. Anil Kakodkar Towards our Safe and Secure Energy Future
88. Dileep Padgaonkar The Trends and Processes Shaping The Resurgent Republic of India
89. Dr. Subir Gokarn Growth, Resilience and Reform: Reflections on Post-Crisis Policy Challenges
90. Dr. D. Subbarao G-20 and India
91. Bibek Debroy The Need for Legal Reform
92. Amitabh Kant Challenges of Transforming India