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The M.R. Pai Foundation was set up in 2004 to perpetuate the memory of an outstanding citizen and consumer activist. During his lifetime Mr. M.R. Pai had come to the rescue of thousands of consumers in the country, particularly bank depositors and telephone subscribers. Besides, the late Mr. Pai also encouraged the youth and believed in helping them to become good, active, responsible and well-informed citizens of tomorrow.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Ajay G. Piramal (Chairman)
  • Mr. Raju B. Barwale
  • Mr. Shreyas K. Doshi
  • Mr. Adi B. Godrej
  • Mr. K.V. Kamath
  • Mrs. Swarn Kohli
  • Mrs. Gita Pai
  • Mr. Ashok Ravat
  • Mr. Shivanand Salgaocar (Vasco da Gama)
  • Mr. Vikram Sarda (Nashik)
  • Mr. Narayan Varma
  • Mr. Nalin M. Shah
  • Mr. S. Divakara

Mr. K.V. Kamath resigned following his retirement from ICICI Bank

Mr. Narayan Varma passed away on 24th December 2015.

Mr. S. Divakara retired on 31st August 2017.