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A. D. Shroff was Founder-President from 1956 till his death in October 1965.  He was succeeded by Murarji J. Vaidya, industrialist, who was President from October 1965 till November 1968.  Thereafter from November 1968 till February 2000 the legendary Nani A. Palkhivala was its President.  From February 2000 till his death in December 2002 he was Forumís President-Emeritus.  From February 2000 Mr. Minoo R. Shroff, eminent economist, has been the Forumís President.

The Forumís policy decisions are laid down by a Council of Management. The present Council members are:



Mr. Minoo R. Shroff




Mr. Dadi B. Engineer


Mr. G. Narayanaswamy


Mr. Adi B. Godrej


Hon. Treasurer:


Mr.  Kanu H. Doshi


Joint. Hon. Treasurer:


Mr. Rajesh G. Kapadia




Mr. Bansi S. Mehta


Mr. A.H. Dalal


Mr. H.P. Ranina


Mr. Dinesh Vyas


Mr. F.K. Kavarana


Mr. Syamal Gupta


Mr. Pinakin Desai


Mr. Bharat S. Raut


Mr. Ashok Ravat


Mr. S.S. Bhandare


Mr. Nakul Mehta


Mr. Nirmal Bhogilal


Mrs. Bhavna G. Doshi


Mr. Nayan M. Patel


Mr. Dileep Chokshi


Ms. Piya Mahtaney


Mr. Anand Piramal  


Mr. Anil Kamath


Mr. Arvind Datar


Mr. Santosh Nedungadi


Mr. Rahul Amin


Mr. Shrinivas Dempo


Mr. Vikram Sarda


Mr. Pratap Bhogilal

Special Invitee

The functioning of the Forum is looked after by a small secretariat.  The late M.R. Pai, noted public worker and consumer activist, was Secretary of the Forum from 1956 till 1976.  He was an enormous pillar of strength and he, along with the first Hon. Treasurer of the Forum, the late F.S. Mulla, was responsible for setting up the secretariat in a highly diligent and methodical manner.  The late M.R. Pai was Hon. Vice-President from 1976 till his passing away in July 2003.  It can be truly be said that the late M.R. Pai was instrumental in helping the Council in building the organization.

The present secretariat is headed by Mr. S. Divakara, who, after a short stint (1964-70) with the Bangalore Centre of the Forum, rejoined it on 1st January 1979 as Secretary.  From May 2004 he was re-designated as Director-General. 

The Forum had, until the early 1980s, also active centers in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta (now Kolkata), Delhi and Madras (now Chennai).  Due to administrative and financial constraints the centers were closed gradually. 

The Forum is also responsible for the administration and conduct of programmes of three Trusts, viz., The A.D. Shroff Memorial Trust, the Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Trust and the M. R. Pai Foundation.  Its  secretariat looks after their day-to-day working and also their activities.  Some of the activities are held outside Mumbai as well.

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